Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When Your Son Poops And Someone Else Finds It

I have been potty training my youngest this week and not successfully i might add.

This morning the realtor came over an hour early and as i was scrambling to get the boys dressed to go for a walk, Poe informs me he "did a turd on bathroom". Not only did this seem like an after thought of his but he gave the the crazy eyes smiled while he told me.
As i sighed deeply, almost sprinting to the bathroom, i see that the realtor and the people she is showing the house to are in the bathroom... with the turd. They quickly realize the gift my son has left me and rush out of the bathroom straight to the front door and leave.

I didn't know whether to be frustrated that my son was two feet from the toilet and pooped on the floor or be happy that i wont have to deal that particularly bitchy realtor again.

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