Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Are All my Neighbors Douchebags?

 The boys and i were just outside doing some yard work in the front yard, when the neighbor(not the ones i yelled at last week, lol) started dry heaving...For five minutes! I was a little worried for her, and disgusted. My boys were both looking at me and i wasn't sure if i should bring them in the house because they seriously looked freaked out, or to just wait it out.

When the lady finally stopped Enzo said
"hey lady, you should see a doctor"
I smiled and laughed a little bit, my boy shows concern for everyone, he really is the sweetest little boy ever! She yelled through the fence,
"Mind you own damn business!"
I was about to bitch this lady out because as you all know by now i have some anger issues and don't like people being assholes or bullies to my babies when Enzo yells back at her..
"oh yeah, well get a life lady!"
I laughed really hard out loud.  I immediately gave my boy a high five, and told him good job for sticking up for yourself. The lady didn't say a damn thing after that and how could you? You just got schooled by a cute 3 year old! My kids rock!