Thursday, January 31, 2013

Robert Redford or Mutha Fuckin' Kenny Loggins

So apparently my husband doesn't like his nick name Hot Stuff. Last night after the kids went to bed we were sitting on the couch drinking a beer a really surprisingly good beer i might add and watching a movie. We usually like to watch excellent bad movies but this one looked good. But i will get to that later.

So i was telling  Hot Stuff what the boy's names were in my blog and he thought they were pretty fitting, but hesitated to ask what his own was so after i had drank a few beers i started to get a little more sassy and asked him knowing full well that he would not like any name i picked for him.

He freaked out! hahaha. He said i could not keep calling him that, so i asked him what was a appropriate name would be for a man like him and he said " I really thought you would just call me husband. But i guess Robert Redford or something like...Mutha Fuckin' Kenny Loggins would be fitting. You know that if you keep writing about me in your blog all these women who read it will start to fall in love with me. Oh and i follow Kenny on Facebook so we could go right now and see what he's up to."

By this time is was really laughing my ass off, literally my ass was falling off the couch. After i was able to contain my laughter I told him i puked a little in my mouth at the "all the women will start to fall in love with me" comment, which i know is bitchy but i was drinking beer and well i kinda am lol. But my husband loves it. He knows i think he is awesome.

So from now on i think his new nickname to make him happy will be...MFKL for Mutha Fuckin' Kenny Loggins, per his request!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Did you really just say that?

Has your significant other ever said something to you while you were fooling around that totally just ruins it for you? In a funny way or other?

MFKL the other night topped the list (yes there is a list) of dumb/funny things he has said in bed. Now mind you some of the times we were both drinking so my interpretation and his might be different and what we said may have been intended differently.

This time however we were both cold stone sober. Also let me add before you judge me and MFKL on multiple issues...MFKL is so very smart, sometimes i don't understand why he says such idiotic things. We were fooling around the other night, we had some music going and the kids were passed the heck out, so we knew we wouldn't be interrupted which is kinda mood setting by itself and MFKL says this:

"Dude you have Awesome tits"!

Are you kidding me? Did you really just say that? Both of those things while i was laughing  uncontrollably, were running through my head. MFKL was really confused, I don't think there is a man out there that will tell you he likes it when he's fooling around with his lady and she starts laughing uncontrollably. But can you blame me? I don't think there are to many women out there who like to be called Dude especially in the same sentence as "you have nice tits".

Has anything like this ever happened to you? I'm very curious what other dumb things people say, especially in a situation like mine!

Facebook page now up!

So i now have a Facebook page under the name Workin Man Mama. Please feel free to friend me or "like" me, i will have more updates on Facebook then i will here on my blog!
Thank you in advance! 

A little history

So my future posts will make a little bit more sense i have decided to give you a little background information.
My name Workin' Man Mama came from my oldest son, we can call him Ball of Fire, cause he is in every single way. But he started calling me that when my husband who we will call Hot Shot, lost his job twice the first time for 6 months and the second time for 8 months. We both were trying to find work and were just not having any luck. So i started to do side work mainly for people i knew. Jobs like painting houses, plumbing, falling trees and splitting wood. (Stuff i had been doing all my life, i have always been a bit of a tomboy and grew up in the county with a great dad.) Jobs my son calls workin' man jobs. So one day when i came home he started calling me Workin' Man Mama which i thought was funny and endearing so it stuck.

I also have another son who is two. I will call Beefcake. He is huge, he was almost 23inches when he was born and 9lb 4oz. He continues to be huge, Ball of fire is 15 months older then him and he already out weighs him and is stronger. I feel bad for Ball of fire sometimes because he is completely at his brothers mercy when they wrestle. I say sometimes because sometimes Ball of fire deserves it, he is really really great at manipulating Beefcake into giving him whatever he has or getting him to do whatever Ball of fire wants him to do.
So there it is a brief history. I will from now on refer to my husband as Hot Shot my three year old son as Ball of fire and my youngest son who is two as Beefcake.