Monday, February 18, 2013

Today i got kicked in the vagina and had a penis on the back of my neck

My boys love to wrestle and i love to wrestle with them. The only problem is that they are getting really good at it! My youngest Beefcake is huge, MFKL calls him man child because that's what he is. He out weighs his older brother by 4 pounds.

Today we were wrestling, we had brought out the spare bedroom mattress into the living room so they could do cool wrestling moves off the couch onto the mattress. The boys were really getting into it and i guess i wasn't paying as much attention to what was going on as i should have been and got kicked right in the crotch, HARD. I don't know how Beefcake managed it but somehow he literally got me in the clit with his big toe! I really need to stop making fun of my husband when the boys kick him in his balls. This was definitely Karma.

While i was lying on the bed holding my aching verginer, Fire Ball tells me
"Mama, your not supposed to play with yourself in front of other people, if your going to do that you need to go to your room. Your know this...your the one who told me that!"

It hurt to laugh so bad but i couldn't stop. I finally regained my composure and told him i wasn't playing with myself, Beefcake kicked me in the pee pee. He just said OK and ran off. As i was getting up, a naked Fire Ball emerged from the corner of my eye and jumps on my back and says "DINO RIDE" Yet again i couldn't help but to laugh, i calmly told him if he wanted to keep his wiener he needed to get it off my neck. He thought he was so funny, he just laughed and laughed.

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