Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meeting MFKL

I have recently had a few people ask me how MFKL and i met. It's kind of a funny story, not a real romantic one and not one i will tell our boys until they get older, but i guess that's kind of our style.

We met in Seaside at a party. This guy from Safeway had been asking me for about a month to come to one of his sexy parties, i thought he was kinda creepy so i made something up everytime he asked. I finally got sick of him asking, i went to the store almost everyday and had to turn him down everyday. I told him i didn't have plans for the first part of the night but i might have to leave early due to something or another, i don't remember exactly what i told him, i just knew i might need a excuse to leave at some point.

When i got there, there was only 4 people and they were all guys. Not really my idea of a sexy party but i was willing to at least stay to learn peoples names. Because Seaside is such a small town i already knew about half of the people (and i wasn't impressed with them) which left only two. One was named Jack and he was doing some drugs so, i was not really interested in getting to know him and the other was named MFKL.

When i got there he was drinking homemade cider on the balcony outside over looking the river. As i was being introduced to the only other guy MFKL walked in and shook my hand and introduced himself. It wasn't to long before a few other people showed up and everyone but MFKL and i were doing some sort of drugs which we were not really into. So we stepped outside on the balcony and drank beer and talked.

He told me the host was a weirdo and this was the last one of his sexy parties he was going to and i told him this was my first and my last because he was a creep and kept bugging me. He asked me about my tattoo's and him about his cider he was drinking and made himself. It was getting late and i had to work in the morning(this was when i was doing concrete). I was enjoying getting to know MFKL but did not like the environment we were in, the "sexy" party was getting really weird.

MFKL walked me to my truck. I should add that he was incredibly drunk, the cider he made had wormwood in it and was so potent that you would get a hangover while drinking it. While he was walking me to my truck he pulled out his dick, lol. I know how this sounds but it was really funny and kind of endearing. I didn't feel weird or afraid one bit, he is just a really goofy guy who is pretty sure of himself.  He asked me to touch it kind of giggling and i told him i had to go, giggling myself. This was my first encounter with a drunk MFKL and we parted ways with me smiling and laughing. 

We didn't exchange phone numbers and neither of us knew where each other lived. About a week or two later i was grocery shopping with my sisters and we were in the wine aisle buying pasta when the wine steward walked up to me and asked "Did we meet last week? Are you Brittnee?" I was a little surprised he remembered because he was so tipsy and a little surprised he recognized me because i was in my work clothes, something way different than my "party clothes". I was basically covered in concrete, wearing jeans, boots, a hickory and a hat, lol. I was also thrown a little off because i didn't know he was the wine steward.

He asked for my number that day while i was picking up some pasta and have been almost inseparable since. Again, not a really romantic story but funny and memorable to me. 


  1. That is one of the most original love stories I've ever read. I would like to know more about how you weren't disturbed by him giggling over his penis. I can't wrap my head around that, especially since everyone else at the party was creepy. It seems like that would have cemented him as kinda creepy too. Oh! And I know exactly what river he was looking at! That slow little sad one that parallels the ocean at the backend of town...

    1. Lol, your questions make me smile and laugh. I think he was the only non creepy guy there, that's why i didn't leave the party immediately. There was just something about him..maybe it was his big gorgeous welcoming hair?? I don't know, lol.
      Him pulling out his dick was kinda charming in a way, hahahahaha. It's really hard to pin down a word or string of words to describe it. I guess it was just true (sick) love.
      You are dead on, describing the river!